The Experiences in Agali Hotel Paxos

Gentle Journeys

Glide through the hotel grounds in our club cars, or take the scenic route on bicycles to uncover village secrets, each turn a story off the beaten path. Our lending library embraces a cycle of sharing with a borrow-and-pass-on philosophy, reflecting the tight-knit community spirit of Paxos. For those seeking adventure on the electric blue waters, our sea bicycles and motorboats offer island escapades at your own pace.

On the weekends, guest DJs you wouldn’t expect and live musical events carry you away, each note a thread in the mosaic of Greek heritage. Visit “The Artist Suite”, where our in-house painter will assist you in absorbing the tranquil beauty of our surroundings, and channel inspirations into original creations.

Embark on culinary journeys where flavors tell tales of the land and sea, a farm-to-table feast that celebrates the best of Greek heritage with every bite. Here, every moment is a step on the path to discovery, enveloped in the warmth and authenticity of Agali living, where we cherish “home-grown and local” not just as a practice, but as a way of life.

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